Our equipment at a job in Downtown Houston, a water pipe repair, and trenching.

For more than 20 years, Tyson Fogle LLC has been a subcontractor of choice for horizontal directional drilling, or "directional boring." Beyond our HDD services, we provide utility lines and pipe repair, and install conduit, water meters, and duct banks. We developed our reputation through being a dependable, economic partner to water companies in the Houston area and now work all over regularly with gas, electric, power, and telecommunications.

In addition to builders, general contractors, and electricians, we provide our services directly to home and property owners in Texas - most commonly in Harris, Fort Bend, and Montgomery counties (the Houston metro area).

Drilling is in Texans' blood. I am pleased to bring modern methods to the table to reduce costs, disruption, and get jobs done using less money and time for our customers. 
– Tyson Fogle

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