Want to know more about hdd?

here is an faq about horizontal directional drilling.


What equipment do you use for HDD?

Drills are probably the most obvious. You may have seen Ditch Witches or other similar machinery on job sites. Drilling mud recycling systems, shale shakers, mud cleaners, centrifugal pumps, and mud tanks are also common. Skilled operators do more than just move earth, they know how to control the materials throughout the process. 

What are the benefits of HDD?

It is hard to number the specific benefits of horizontal directional drilling to your project. Most commonly we recommend HDD for crossing roadways, waterways, shore approaches, environmentally sensitive or congested areas. Customers find:


1. HDD causes less disruption

2. HDD is lower cost

3. HDD is faster than conventional digging and tunneling 

4. HDD allows deeper installation 

5. HDD allows longer installations

6. No access pit is required 

7. Directional boring capabilities

8. Less environmental impact 


What materials are commonly used with Horizontal Directional Drilling? 

If you are wondering about common applications for HDD, we regularly work with underground infrastructure including conduit, and materials like PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, ductile iron, and steel pipes in addition to common wires. Companies can normally handle different dimensions of utility products (diameter) and weight when pulling it through the prepped ground. Be sure to match your job with the right contractor. Our preference is to work with steel casing up to 24 inches.


Who hires you for horizontal drilling and your other services?

Our regular customers are residential and commercial builders, and utility (water, gas, electric, telephone, cable, Internet service provider) companies. As emergency repairmen for underground lines, and diggers for everything from water pipes and telecommunications to installers of taps and meters, we work with homeowners, utility companies, land owners, and the likes of the Houston Rodeo. General contractors, and electricians in the Houston area have grown familiar with us over the past two decades.


Is your service offered to the trade only?

Many companies that do directional boring only provide their services to builders, contractors, utility and telecommunications companies, or municipal government. We also provide our services to property owners, landlords, and homeowners (the public). Over the years, they have found that not tearing up a driveway, parking lot, sidewalk, or a prized lawn is every bit as important as leaving roadways, waterways, and shores intact. There is no need to add insult to injury if you have a water leak and need repair in the way of extensive bills for pavement, asphalt, concrete, cobblestone, environmental remediation, or sod. 


Why haven't we heard about your company or HDD before now?


HDD isn't something that is on most people's radar unless you are in the building or utility industry. Even then, this innovation really only became mainstream in the past few decades. The reputation of our company, Tyson Fogle LLC, is important to us. We maintain an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. If you ask around, you will hear about the services we provide all over Texas. We are also happy to provide references to clients, and we are a licensed, bonded, and insured firm. 


Do you only offer HDD?

No, Tyson Fogle LLC is a full-service partner for builders, municipalities, and utility companies. We provide services like trenching, water main repairs, stub up to meter cam installs, duct bank work, and installation of light poles, fire hydrants, manholes, and more. Please visit our services page and contact us for more details.


Do you only work in the Houston Area, and Texas?

No, we began in the Houston Metro area, working throughout Harris, Fort Bend, and Montgomery Counties. Today, we take on projects all over Texas and are happy to work outside Texas as well. Our Headquarters is in Spring, Tx (just North of Houston, TX and George Bush Intercontinental Airport and barely South of Houston's popular suburb The Woodlands).